“You cannot always control what happens around you, but you can learn to maintain balance in a constantly changing world.” – Elke Van Hoof

Today’s world is one of fundamental changes and challenges. As an academic, entrepreneur and innovator, Elke Van Hoof has one mission: to teach as many people as possible how to be the best version of themselves, regardless of the context. Meet Elke, her societal mission and the many ways in which she works to achieve it.

Elke's Blog

The Warmest Christmas

Make sure that it’s not a lonely Christmas – for yourself and for others The corona measures currently in place mean that we are cut off from all meaningful social contact. This can make us feel lonely, which impacts on our resilience. While the festive season is traditionally a time for being together, the end […]

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How to stay resilient through the 2nd lockdown? (ENG)

Once again, difficult decisions have been made. A newCorona-wave is flooding us. Once again, we are facing anuncertain time and we don’t know when it will be over. Thisis a huge challenge for our well-being and functioning. Here you can read the full whitepaper.

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Exit Lockdown. Back to normal?

Na de lockdown, waar medici ons gedrag bepaalden om de curve vanCOVID-19 te controleren, zijn wij aan zet. We krijgen meerbewegingsvrijheid en daarmee ook direct de verantwoordelijkheid om decurve verder controleerbaar te houden.Hoelang? Dat weet niemand. Het is dus vrijheid met randvoorwaarden. Hetnieuwe normaal. Het is dus in ons allerbelang dat we enkele ritueleninstalleren Lees […]

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Corona PTSS: the new pandemic, coming soon near you

In a few months time the current global lockdown due to the coronavirus is going to result into a massive outbreak of burnouts and stress related disorders, says professor Doctor Elke van Hoof of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel in Belgium. Half of the world population could be impacted. This is going to come at another […]

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Coronavirus: Ending the lockdowns

Billions of people across the globe are currently under some form of government-mandated lockdown. The aim is to curb the spread of the coronavirus and prevent health systems from being overrun. But forcing people to stay at home for weeks or months on end is resulting in unprecedented economic shocks to societies around the world. […]

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