Elke Van Hoof is the founder and director of Center for Resilience, an expertise centre for employees, HR professionals, managers and policymakers. Elke’s enthusiasm as an entrepreneur is based on a strong social commitment. In helping organisations to ensure the well-being of their employees at work – the place where we spend a considerable amount of our time – Elke sees a considerable opportunity for building a more inclusive and more resilient society.

Center for Resilience

‘How can you turn stress into a positive?’, ‘How do you handle burnout as a company?’ and ‘How can you maximise your performance and that of your staff?’ Center for Resilience offers scientifically-based answers to all of these questions and more relating to stress, burnout, resumption of work, resilience and career guidance. We provide practical solutions to help employees and companies to reach their full potential. These solutions are based on a unique neurobiological approach that strengthens resilience and flexibility in your company. The result: more flexible and resilient employees, more engagement, more customer satisfaction and better organisational results. 

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From ivory tower to shop floor 

Center for Resilience applies two unique scientific methods to prevent and treat burnout more efficiently: Stresscrafting® and Insourcing®. Both of these neurobiological approaches are supported by extensive research within Ally Institute and have been successfully applied in various work settings.

To prevent stress-related problems and burnout, Center for Resilience makes use of the opportunity that stress provides with Stresscrafting®. By transforming stress into something positive, it can contribute to employees’ well-being and job satisfaction and the development of the organisation.

Even when employees fall ill with stress-related problems, Center for Resilience can help. We provide counselling for employees, coach supervisors during the long-term absence of team members and help employees to return to work. Center for Resilience’s scientifically-based approach is registered under the name Insourcing®: the reactivation and realignment of employees.