Elke Van Hoof’s mission – to achieve a durably resilient society – drives her to continue to innovate. She does this by applying scientific principles and technological innovations and by communicating her newly gathered insights. Most of Elke Van Hoof’s innovations take place under the flag of Ally Institute: an innovative and science-driven non-profit organisation that aims to fundamentally change the way that we look at stress.

Ally Institute

The non-profit Ally Institute research and training centre for stress was founded by Elke Van Hoof. The institute strives for a society in which everyone can be the best version of themselves, regardless of unpredictable circumstances. To achieve this, Ally Institute manages, develops and communicates its scientific, integrated and effective methods to help build a resilient society. The Ally Institute tools are applied to the world of work in the center for Resilience.  

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During the first lockdown in March 2020, Ally Institute developed an online psychotherapeutic intervention under the guidance of Elke Van Hoof and with the support of P&V and Vivium. The online intervention tool ‘’ was developed to support as many people as possible and to help them to find some peace of mind in these psychologically challenging times. A version has also been developed specifically for young people.

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Wellweb is a system developed by Elke Van Hoof for finding and providing efficient and high-quality psychosocial care. The system brings the client in direct contact with the nearest care provider, taking into account patient rights and GDPR regulations. Wellweb also provides more functionality, such as a digital waiting room, secure data exchange, follow-up and monitoring, and an electronic patient record. 

Activation quotient

Today’s society needs resilient employees: people who can adapt quickly to new and unpredictable circumstances. However, despite the efforts being made by more and more organisations to improve employee well-being, the number of burnouts continues to increase. Ally Institute has developed the ‘Activation quotient’ to support organisations in the implementation of their well-being initiatives and to help them to put in place an integrated strategic welfare policy. The Activation quotient explores the relationships between resilience, mental strength, the work context, motivation and behavioural change. It gives the user – whether an individual, team or organisation – immediate insight into the actions that need to be taken to optimise work satisfaction and work capacity.  


To improve the well-being of their employees, many organisations now have a dedicated member of staff on their team: a Chief Happiness Officer (CHO). Elke Van Hoof decided to establish OCHO (Organisation of Chief Happiness Officers) to unite the growing number of CHOs. This is the very first community in Europe for professionals working on the development of a strategic welfare policy. OCHO not only wants to provide a network for Chief Happiness Officers, but also to strengthen them in their work by giving them the scientific knowledge and insights that they need.